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A True Story

Jig Don't Jog Ad Jig Don't Jog ad VHS tape cover

I did not take it personally when someone left an ad for the video, “Jig Don’t Jog,” on my desk at work. Certainly no one was suggesting that I needed to “get fit.” I assumed a helpful co-worker was providing me with information to share with members of my Irish dance group.

The ad, however, sparked a fire. I was intrigued by the idea of becoming fit (fitter?) “the Irish way.” Did this mean I could sit in a pub and become slim and trim?

Closer inspection of the ad revealed that pubs were not in the plan. Aerobic activity was.  I would “never believe burning fat and losing inches could be so much fun!” I’m in favor of having fun so I sent in my check and soon received “Jig Don’t Jog.”

I was excited. I had visions of a new, slim, trim me, and I was going to have “so much fun” too. I suppose it has happened that way for someone. However, my one viewing of the tape revealed a routine of intricate dancing, constant tripping, and heavy panting---not so much fun.

I did watch the entire tape, although I was stretched out on the sofa after the “10-Minute Warm-Up.” The scenes from “17 of the most breathtaking sites in Ireland” provided 45 minutes of pleasant entertainment. The lively jigs and reels, however, are exhausting.

My weekly dance class is not enough preparation for the vigorous “Jig Don’t Jog” workout.  The tape sits on the shelf and is available for friends to borrow. Or you can view a version of it on YouTube. The video starts at 1:56 after the introduction. We can discuss it at the pub.

By Marilyn O’Brien
Taken from The Real Reel News: Official Journal of the Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers, October 1994