Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers

preserving the cultural tradition of Irish ceili and set dancing since 1991

For now, while the pandemic severely constrains out ability to meet in person, we aren't offering set and ceili dance classes. But we are providing periodic social activities, whether online via Zoom, or, when possible, physically together. Please join us for the low cost of $20 per year. You must be age 18 or older to be eligible. Download our membership application form right here, but please note the questions about your Covid vaccinations status on the first page. Return one form per person to the address listed on the first page, checks can be for multiple people, just include their forms and vaccination information. If you want to participate in face-to-face activities, for now you must be vaccinated and provide proof of same with your application.

m e m b e r s h i p


As an annual member, you are entitled to, but don't have to, enroll in classes once we get back to offering them. Members also get these benefits:

Membership fees are not prorated over the course of the year.