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Preserving the cultural tradition of Irish ceili and set dancing since 1991

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RKIDs Membership and Class Information

Membership: Who and How

The Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers welcomes adults, 18 and older. Skill levels among our members range from total beginners to dancers with years of experience.

Download our membership application form using the button further down this page. Membership runs from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. Return one form per person to the address shown on the first page. Payment checks can be for multiple people, just include their forms and indicate how much payment is going to which person and for what purpose (i.e., membership dues, class application, or donations).

Classes: Where, What and When

As a member, you are entitled to, but don't have to, enroll in classes, but can just participate in and enjoy the non-dancing social activities we offer. However, if you want to enroll, your membership dues must be paid for the duration of the class semester you are interested in joining. For example, to enroll in a Fall semester offered in September - December, you must also pay the membership fee for that October - September (of the following year) time frame.

Classes generally are held in the cafeteria at the Ridgeview Middle School located at 16600 Raven Rock Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, but always check our calendar to be sure where to find us on a particular date. We meet most Tuesdays from 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm. We're off most of the summer and resume in September.

Our Who We Are page has more information on what goes into each class.

Generally, tuition is not prorated if we must shorten the semester due to inclement weather or cancellations caused by the school system. We try to schedule make-up classes, and try to teach 13 to 15 classes per semester, but that's not guaranteed.

It's desirable to have:

But you do NOT need:

Our club contact can give you more information.

Cost per Person

  • $25 annual membership fee, covering each October through September of the following year, entitling you to enroll in classes and attend RKIDs events
  • $50 class tuition per Fall semester (September - December)
  • $50 class tuition per Winter/Spring semester (January - May)

m e m b e r s h i p

Summarizing, to attend the Fall semester, your total fee is $75 ($25 annual membership plus $50 for the tuition). To attend the Winter/Spring semester, as an ongoing member, your fee is $50 (since you would have already paid your membership fee in September of the prior year), unless you join or renew at that time. Class and Membership fees are not prorated over the course of a semester, but — BONUS — if you happen to join in the June through September period, your membership will be extended to September 30 of the following year.


Try a class for free! Print out this voucher and bring it along so you can try a class at no risk. Membership is not required for this one-time voucher use.

Other Membership Benefits

As a member, you don't have to go to dance classes. We are strongly oriented towards social activities. Members also get these benefits:

Membership fees are not prorated over the course of the year.