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This is why and how we cancel a regularly-scheduled class.
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Our Weather Policy

Class Cancellation

If Montgomery County Public Schools are closed for the afternoon or the entire day (but not if there is only a morning-opening delay), we will not have class. This includes conditions when the schools are closed for the day but re-open in the evening for other activities. This website will announce class cancellations on its home page.

    Up to date information on school system decisions is available at:
  • www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org
  • Montgomery County Public Schools information line at 301-279-3673

Even if class is held, use conservative judgment in assessing the forecast conditions for your area, not only for traveling to class, but also for 9:00 pm or later after class ends and when the temperature may be lower. Some areas may have only rain, while areas in NW Montgomery Co. and Frederick Co. may have ice.

Social Events

When social events are held during the week, we follow the policy stated above. If the event will occur at an RKID member's house (the host), that person has the authority to make their own, overriding determination to cancel or hold the event. If the event is held at another, non-RKID location (such as a pub), member discretion applies.

RKID Blizzard
An RKID Member Deals with the "Blizzard" of 2011

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