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Importing Events into Calendars

You can copy (import) RKIDs calendar events into your computer or tablet's Microsoft Outlook, Apple or Google calendar as an appointment-type of event. RKIDs only allows import of events that are single-day and have defined starting and ending times, and only from the events list (not wall) version of our calendar.


RKIDs uses the common iCalendar (ics) format for exporting its calendar files.  RKIDs provides no support beyond this help file for adding the information to your computer, and is not responsible for errors that may occur with certain types of calendars nor the information contained in the events.

The RKIDs calendar is set to the U.S. Eastern time zone. Events default to a one hour reminder time.

How To Import

In most cases, clicking/tapping the "Add to eCalendar" button in the RKIDs list calendar will cause your browser to open a dialog box asking if you want to open or save it. With some browsers, it will directly download and save it without any prompts. In the that case, you'll have to look at the part of your browser that controls downloads and follow those prompts because at that point, it's not loaded into your computer's calendar.

If you choose to directly open it, you should get a dialog window prompting you to save it to your calendar app; just follow the prompts. If you chose to save the ics file and import it into your calendar app later on (e.g., via a double-click on that file), you may want to clean up afterward by deleting the downloaded file to prevent confusion in the future as you download more calendar events.

If you use Google Calendar and can't open the event directly, try the following steps to get the information from the downloaded file into your calendar:

1. Open your Google Calendar in your app or browser 

2. Find the Google calendar you want the event added to, if you have more than one (i.e., your own, a friend's, etc.)

3. Click the three-dot icon adjacent to it. That should open a popup box with Settings and Sharing as a choice. Click that choice.

4. Verify you have the right calendar picked. On the left, there should be under General an Import & export menu item. Click it.

5. In the Import dialog box that pops up, click the Select file from your computer choice, and browse to where the calendar file was downloaded. On most Windows PCs, that will be in the Downloads folder, and the file will be named calendar.ics. Caution: if you downloaded several several events, there will be several of these files, usually with a parenthetical number after each one, e.g., calendar (2).ics. So be sure to select the right one!

6. The Import link in the bottom right of the Import dialog box now should be usable. Click it to import the file.

7. Verify it went into your Google calendar correctly. If so, you may want to clean up by deleting the downloaded file to prevent confusion in the future.