Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers

preserving the cultural tradition of Irish ceili and set dancing since 1991

Time to pack your bags! The RKIDs are headed to Ireland in July 2019. Dublin, Belfast, Derry, Galway and lots of places in between are on the itinerary.

About 801 miles of fun, sights, music and some dance! Hurry, we are limited to 22 members on this trip.  So far,
members have signed up.

What You Need to Do Now:

  1. Check your passport and make sure it is valid until at least January 14, 2020.
  2. Read through the itinerary. Two listings are provided for you, above: One narrative and the other a table with links to more information.
  3. Not later than March 22, send the first payment to hold your space. It will be $1,000 plus applicable optional insurance, per person, as shown in the table below and on the registration form.  With your check made out to Harrigan Holidays, include the Trip Registration Form (one per person) and a copy of the photo and signature pages of your passport.  Mail it to Kathy Harrigan,  Harrigan Holidays LLC, 66 McCandless Dr, East Berlin, PA 17316.
  4. On March 23, the final trip decision will be made. If we have fewer than 20 passengers by then, the trip is likely to be canceled (Oh No    ) but the first payment and any other pre-trip deposits are fully refundable. Otherwise if we have 20 or more, the trip is a "go" and they are not. See the registration form for details. If the trip is a go, the second deposit of the total remaining balance is due by May 24. See the payment schedule below.  Kathy Harrigan will invoice you for the balance in May.
  5. If you are not a member of the RKIDs, please also complete the RKID membership application and send it with a check made out to the Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers for $20 to Marilyn O'Brien, 9304 Edgewood Dr, Gaithersburg MD 20877. More information about RKIDs' membership is here.
  6. To see the group travel insurance policy, visit here. For more information, contact Kathy at her website.

Important Notes:

  1. You can book your own flight if you want. Please contact Kathy at harriganholidays.com to find out how this will affect the cost of your trip. If you are booking your own flight using United Frequent Flyer miles, you can book it yourself or contact Kathy and she will do your booking. She will need your Frequent Flyer Number. Do not book a flight until it is confirmed that 20 to 22 people have signed up and paid.
  2. Additional costs:
    • Ceilis and perhaps transportation to and from;
    • Some meals not included, see itinerary for details;
    • Insurance;
    • Single occupancy option;
    • Gratuity for the guide and the driver is Euro 5 - 10 each per day per traveler;
    • Personal expenses.

The Payment Schedule

March 22: First payment - $1,000 plus insurance (if purchasing)

May 24: Final payment - Amount varies, table below assumes you purchased airfare through Harrigan Holidays. Use the applicable total cost amount minus the first payment you made; you will be billed:

If I am My Total Cost Is Cost Breakdown
Sharing a Room and Not Buying Insurance $ 4,230
Sharing a Room and Buying Insurance $ 4,506 $4230 + $276
Not Sharing a Room and Not Buying Insurance $ 4,880 $4230 + $650
Not Sharing a Room and Buying Insurance $ 5,199 $4230 + $650 + $319

$4,230 is the base price for tour, flight and lodging

$650 is the extra lodging charge if you are not sharing a room

$276 is for optional insurance if you are sharing a room

$319 is for optional insurance if you are not sharing a room

Contact Marilyn O'Brien for more details.

This page was last updated on Feb. 13, 2019