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April 21, 2022

Oh No! What's Going on Here?

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 Social Group

The RKIDs Book Club held a “Book Chat” on Wednesday, March 23rd. Each member was invited to share information about a book they recommend. The list of suggestions is available on the home page of this website. One of our newest members, Kate R, went right to work and read two of the recommendations. Here are her comments: "I finished The Chaperone and I just loved it! I loved the way Cora evolved from her role as protector of Louise’s standing in society to a more expansive chaperoning of tolerance ... great read. So was The Day the World Came to Town, which made me think about the unlikely paths that crossed during a few days in Gander, Newfoundland ... those stories are hard to find." Barb sent word that “I loved Kate M’s recommendation, The Lost Apothecary. It was very good.” Have you read any of the suggested books?

Peek A Boo
I Don't See You
Connie and Alison

A lively group gathered on March 28th at Lahinch Tavern and Grill for a dinner organized by Marie V. Conversations reverberated from one end of the table to the other. Alison made an appearance near the end of the evening rounding out a fun get together for all. The others present were Bill (the photographer), Michelle, Kathy and David M, Linda, Toni and David D, Marilyn O, Mary Ann, Connie, Kathryn, Tom and Sonja.

On the Good Side
Of the Woodside

Early risers made the trip to the Woodside Deli for the First Saturday Brunch. Pleasantly surprising us was an appearance by our longest distance diner,  Maura.


Next up we will be dining at Il Porto in Gaithersburg on April 28th. The details are available on the calendar. RSVP to Marie V by Tuesday, April 26th.


SAVE THE DATE: On Wednesday, June 29th we will be attending a Keys game in Frederick. Game Time 7pm; cost $7. All details will be revealed at a later date.


 Irish Activities
Many Irish dance devotees were at the April Emerald Isle Club Ceili at the Atlantic Ballroom in Towson. We’re proud of these RKIDs who made the trek to Baltimore: Marilyn M, Bill and Maddy, Toni and David, Brian, Michelle, and Connie. Lots of familiar dances were called, like the Haymaker's Jig and North Kerry Set. Said Bill, "It's worth the long drive to hear the spirited live music and dance with our Baltimore-based friends.  Taking another step towards normalcy after being shut in so much during the pandemic felt good." 

Six for the Final Four 

A Hearty Breakfast
Minneapolis Skyline

Who would go to Duluth, Minnesota in early April when winter is still in full swing? Our intrepid travelers and basketball fans would! That’s right, Mary B, Christine, Marilyn O and Obie plus two other friends, Ron and Ann Marie, flew to the northern lands to enjoy the 2022 NCAA Women’s Final Four in Minneapolis and then went on to Christine’s homeland on the banks of Lake Superior. The highlight was seeing where Christine was from WITH Christine and meeting her Uncle Glenn, Aunt Claudia, Uncle Fred and Aunt Denise. The travelers now know why Christine is so down-home and friendly. Those genes run in the family!

The group found themselves in a blizzard one night. Marilyn had to maneuver the rental car down a treacherous, windy cliffside hill on a snow-covered road with huge flakes falling all around. Someone in the car blurted out, “This is a true Duluth, Minnesota experience!”

Minnesota’s Capitol
in St. Paul
Gold Medal Flour Mill
A Minneapolis Landmark
The Final Four Begins

Images of Duluth

Only Gas Station
Designed by
Frank Lloyd Wright
Split Rock Lighthouse
Tobies with
Ann Marie and Christine
In the Cockpit

Roger had a recent excursion to the Caribbean. Only he can tell this story! 

“You can title my description Sailing is So Much Fun! Ouch! 

I returned from sailing in the British Virgin Islands late Friday night April 15 after nine days of sailing. The sailing was challenging and more strenuous than I expected. I had been led to believe the sails would be leisurely sails from one island to the next each day taking a few hours at a moderate boat speed. However, the wind did not cooperate; we had continuous, strong winds gusting to 30 mph every day. We reefed the sails (diminished the sail area) every day and still managed to reach maximum hull speed of 8 knots, which is very fast for a cruising sail boat.

The sailing was exciting, but also tiring, especially after a few days of steady wind. I slept well most nights, the exception being one night of heavy rain. The only rain was at night, and the food and wine were excellent and abundant whether we ate on board or at a restaurant on shore which helped me sleep soundly.” 


You Should'a
Seen the Other Guy
Lying Down
on the Job

Roger continues, “I had an altercation with a refrigerator door one evening. See the photos; one [left] shows me the next morning before the bandage was changed. the next photo [right] is the same morning after the bandage was changed and I was assigned to light duty only. The third photo [above] shows me in the cockpit a few days later. I am still wearing a single band-aid as the wound continues to heal. Stories about airline travel to and from the BVIs, customs, covid testing and clearances, and dealing with a new, BVI local, cell phone will have to wait for a social evening at the Dogfish.”

Smiles All Around

Kate and Dan scooted up to West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV for a rainy weekend which was brightened by a visit with their two grandchildren, Katrina and Matthew. Kate reported, “They are first cousins who chose the school independently and both are very happy there.” The grandparents were pleased as punch to see their young relatives.

O’Briens Everywhere

Dan and Nancy and one of their daughters spent a couple weeks in Ireland recently. They are due home this week, but all we know so far is that they visited Dublin and Belfast. Apparently, they were reminded of friends at home when they spotted a pub in Dublin with a familiar name.

Man of Letters

The Washington Post recently published a letter written by Jim Ca, whose first name is actually Elery. He has had other letters posted by the paper in the past. Congratulations, Jim! 

Here’s what he had to say: 

"Metro’s Wheel Issue Regarding the March 25 Metro article, “Metro outlines rail cars’ return”: Thanks for the update on the continuing saga of the 7000-series wheel sets. For weeks, we’ve been reading that a definitive (undisclosed) cause was found or close, but we hear that taking more precise measurements, soon with very expensive automated equipment, will be implemented --- like improving locks on barn doors after the horses have bolted (pun intended). Better diagnosis, not a bandage, is called for. What’s so different about Metro cars, particularly the 7000-series cars, compared with thousands of others in use throughout the world? Maybe Metro should be an acronym: Mechanical Exceptions To Reliable Operations. I don’t want to think what would happen if a passenger-laden car traveling 40 mph derails just as it enters a tunnel."

Woman of Letters

Another writer in the RKIDs is Judy, who once again had an article published in the JHU “Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Journal.” Osher is an organization which provides educational classes and experiences for seniors. Several members of our dance group attend these wide-ranging courses in-person or remotely. In her current work, Judy describes some memories of people “holding hands.”


Principal Reporter: Marilyn O.

Editors: Bill and Madelyn A.

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