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March 25, 2022

Would There or Wouldn't There Be Festivities?

St. Patrick’s Day Month 2022 began with huge disappointments. The Alexandria Old Towne parade was postponed until September. The DC parade was entirely canceled. Due to snowy weather, the Gaithersburg parade and the RKIDs’ St. Patrick’s Day party were canceled. All the plans; all the food; all the anticipation. Canceled, canceled, canceled ...

Plentiful and Tasty
Corned Beef

... But the City of Gaithersburg persevered and postponed the parade to the following Saturday, March 19 and someone with the RKIDs (er, the O’Brien’s) congruently had the idea to postpone the original party by one day. It all worked out just fine.

Forty-three RKIDs filled up the O’Brien’s house at the annual RKIDs party. We noshed on corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, salads, ham sandwiches, lasagna (not green, fortunately), cookies, and pies. Sonja, Jim Ca., Kate, Sandy, Michelle, and Marilyn O. prepared the hearty presentation of corned beef and cabbage — plus some potatoes, turnips, and carrots. Kathy O. and Marilyn O. (the Party-O’s) loaded the table with salads, breakfast items, and the aforementioned very popular lasagna.

As you will see in this lively video       from Bill and Maddy, it was a feast for the senses from start to finish. In addition to the food, entertainment for the day created a festive atmosphere. Obie not only decorated the house, but also stage-managed the talent and kept the show running smoothly despite the constant ambience of talkative merriment.  Performing were David M and Kathy O, Willie, Kevin, David D and Toni, Dan M., Brian, standup-comedian Barb, Maureen and Chuck Kn. & Madrigal Friends (Evan, Sandy, Roger, Kathy O, Toni, and David D).  Chuck's group performed another song he wrote, loosely based on the Kenny Rogers' classic, The Gambler, which is in the video. Maureen presented an original, sentimental poem about our group, set to Oh, Danny Boy. The latter two and more are in the video.

Pouring it On

Resident barrista Roger served Irish coffee without fail, while  Liz, of course, shared her latest soda bread production with us. Several attendees also pitched in to make sure things went well. Thank you to everyone for helping make the party a huge success. A special thank you goes out Gerry for bringing her daughter, Ellen, a former member. Did you see the way Ellen jumped right in and did the North Kerry Set? If not, it's also in the video. Once an Irish Dancer, always an Irish Dancer.

Other party-goers not listed above were: Mary Ann, Dan Ci., Robin and Emmett, Mo D. and John N., Alison, Emma and Jerry, Jim and Maureen Ke., Christine, Nancy, Dan O’C., Tom, Larry and Maura, and Marie V.

March 17 at the Limerick Pub and Aftermath

Pointing the
Way to Ireland
Wearin' O'The Green

On the actual St. Patrick’s Day, Connie, Roger, Marie V., Emmett, Marilyn O. and Obie, Kate M. and Dan O’C., Bill, Barb and Jim Ca., Evan and Sandy savored brunch in the jam-packed Limerick Pub in Wheaton. The feeding theme is as constant with us as the dancing. We huddled into a little niche in the restaurant and had fun chatting and celebrating the day.

Snugged in the Pub
Around the St. Patrick's Tree
at Evan and Sandy's

This was followed by a lovely afternoon at Evan and Sandy’s. Evan conducted the backyard activities and Sandy orchestrated a feast with corned beef sandwiches and salads. There was singing, piano playing, and lots of silliness throughout the day. A great time was had by all.

Saturday, March 19 – Gaithersburg Parade and the Village Green

Stepping Out
to the Music

The week of celebration ended on a high note at the Gaithersburg St. Patrick’s Day Parade. A group of 21 high-stepping Irish Dancers joined together to represent the Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers in this annual event at the Rio/Washingtonian Center. This time, the weather was perfect, with nearly cloudless-skies and warm temperatures. The turnout was large and enthusiastic. Stepping up to strut our stuff were banner-bearers Kate and Dan C., overall organizer, music wagon controller and puller Tom, Toni (calling the steps and organizing the dancers) and David D., Brian, Willie, Sandy, Robin, Evan, Kathy, David M., coat-cart puller Dan O’C., Maddy, photogs Bill and Barb, Connie, Marie V., Michelle, John N. and Dr. Mo. The last two were called out by the emcee at the reviewing stand – that was an unexpected thrill.  In this parade video      , look for where two young bystanders got into our act, jump-dancing on the sidelines or when two older others boldly joined the rear of the dance line. We got them going!

Traveling Steps

At the End of It All

Get into the Act: View the Parade Video and March Along!

Wearing the Green
at the Green

After the parade, some of the marchers and friends recuperated by going to lunch at the Village Green in downtown Gaithersburg. We're ready to do this again next year.


Principal Reporter: Marilyn O.

Editors: Bill and Madelyn A.

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