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February 25, 2022

What's Going on Here?

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 RKIDs Events
Registrars Maddy and Diane
Getting Ready to
Practice 7s and 3s

After two years of no dancing, the RKIDs are going full steam ahead. Our first class on February 8 met at Clarksburg High School without a hitch, despite being switched from Gaithersbug High School and requiring everyone to be vaccinated and masked.  Diane and Maddy efficiently enrolled the dancers, Marilyn O. and Gina handled the name tags. Toni’s debut class as the instructor delighted everyone. She has taken over that position in seamless fashion. Her kindness, laughter, and charm seemed to be just what the RKIDs needed after such a long hiatus. She ensured there were many water and take-a-breather breaks to compensate for the mask wearing.

Unbroken Circle
Dancing at Home in
the North Kerry

The second class on February 15 at Gaithersburg High School went just as well. Michelle made sure the lighting was perfect and even arranged for proper trash cans. Obie’s announcements were quick and clear. And again, Toni filled the room with excitement as we went over the Siege of Ennis and the North Kerry Set. We’re off our seats and on the floor!

 Social Group
Maura snowshoeing in
Bennington, Vermont

In February, our First Saturday of the Month Brunch took place once again on Zoom. A very talkative group gathered to catch up and solve the problems of the world. The Zoomers were Pat G, Kate, Marilyn O, Barb, Marie V., Jack, Sonja, Gina, Michelle, Maura, and Tom. A couple folks popped in to say hello: Dan O’C and Obie. The conversation flowed from snow adventures in Vermont and Chamonix, France, to the Gardiner Brother’s video in Blarney; from Kate and Dan’s use of Hello-Fresh to ideas for preserving family treasures. Maura revealed that she loves to snowshoe and Pat reminisced about her life in Cresson, Pennsylvania. It was a heart-warming time. Next FSMB: Live at the Woodside Deli in Germantown. March 5 at 10 am..

Alison and Entourage

More Dining and Chat! On the third Saturday in February, several RKIDs arrived en masse at the Village Green Restaurant located at the northern end of the Fr. Cuddy Bridge on Rt. 355 in Gaithersburg. This local spot has stood there for many years, but this was the first organized visit by our dance group. Jack made the arrangements for Roger, Michelle, Tom, Sonja, Alison, Bill, Maddy, MaryAnn, and Kathryn. It happened to be Alison’s birthday which the group noted for the beaming birthday girl. Kathryn reported that she enjoyed the luncheon very much and admitted, “We were still talking right up to the restaurant’s closing time.” It’s only open for breakfast and lunch.

Going Outta the Way
for Love
Gina, Marilyn O (enveloped by
balloons) and Kathy
(photo by Jim Ca.)

RKIDs came in from Knoxville, Germantown, Laytonsville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Rockville, Reston, Frederick, Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg, and, of course, Derwood! It was a grand showing at the Love Fest on Valentine’s Day at the Outta The Way Café. Balloons hovered over the dishing diners as they celebrated just being together. Thanks go out to Marie V for organizing a fun event for Obie, Christine, Jack, Toni, David, Mary Ann, Michelle, Jim Ca, Barb, Mary B, Kathryn, Connie, Marilyn O, Kathy, Gina, Kate M, and Dan O’C. Three who are missing from the group photo on the left were captured by Jim Ca and are shown on the right.

A book by Roddy Doyle, A Star Called Henry, was the topic of discussion at the February meeting of the RKIDs Book Club. Although the group was smaller than usual, the conversation was lively and stimulating. Sonja, again, led the way with challenging and thought-provoking questions. Tom took charge of hosting the Zoom call. Nancy, Toni, Marilyn O, Robin, and Jean participated in the dialog. Reactions to the book were varied: one person loved it, three felt it was worth reading, one hadn’t read it — yet, and one really disliked it. The book stirred up a mixture of emotions and provided the group with plenty to discuss. Next month we’ll be having a Book Chat on March 23. All the details are on the website's calendar.

 About Town

Our “Big Month” is coming up with a party and parade on March 12, the Capital Irish Film Festival at the AFI Silver Theaters, March 3-6, brunches at the Woodside Deli March 5 and the Village Green March 19, Ceilis, dance classes, and Irish entertainment throughout the Washington area. See the RKIDs website calendar for all the information.

Maryland Grads; Terp Fans

Two Maryland graduates, Jim and Barb Ca, have joined some of the other RKIDs at recent Women’s Basketball games. The outing usually involves eating at Hard Times and lots of chatter about players and baskets. They are getting into the spirit of things. Go Terps!

Mary and Liz
Greenly Enhatted
The Mouse

Liz loves to sneak away to Florida about this time every year where she visits her lively sister, Mary, in the southeastern part of the Sunshine State. Liz reported, “We went to a “Green Hat” high tea at the beautifully decorated 1919 historic cottage, Serenity Garden Tea House and Cafe, owned by a woman from Dublin. The restaurant had all kinds of special China cups and teapots with cozies.” The two lovely sisters also went to a special event at Tim Finnegans Irish Pub where an endless array of musicians, playing all sorts of instruments, entertained the crowd. “Four dance schools performed, some people recited poetry, others sang. It reminded me of what the RKIDs will be doing for the 31st Anniversary party. It was just a big Irish Party that you would have loved.” While all that was going on, Kevin was not sitting around. He sent in this photo with the caption, “While the cat’s away, the mice will play!” 


Another great movie has arrived on the big screen and is worth your time, Death on the Nile. It’s based on the widely-acclaimed novel by Agatha Christie, and is similar in style to the newest version of Murder on the Orient Express. Barb, Jim, Marilyn O, Obie, Dan M, Kathryn, Kate M, Dan O, Bill, MaryAnn, and Brian have seen it. Anyone else? Or do you have a movie to recommend? By the way, did you notice that Belfast was nominated for Best Picture?

The RKIDs Library has added a few new books to its collection. To peruse your choices, go to our website's home page, scroll down to Lending Library and click. Or, just tap or click here.


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