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November 13, 2021

What's Going on Here?

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 RKIDs Events

Labor Day Party - 2021

Marilyn Explains
the Potato Games
Post-Potato Set Dance
Line Up

The first in-person event since March 2020 drew a big crowd. We gathered at the O’Brien’s backyard and we picked up right where we left off. Chatter and laughter filled the air. Bill and Maddy showed a video which was their tribute to Larisa who was just about to step on an airplane destined for her new home in Portland, Oregon. Roger added some photos and others presented parting gifts. Then, several “Potato Games” were played. Like, guessing how many potatoes were in the bucket and doing the Hot Potato Reel: an Irish-inspired dance with a spud balanced on your head. That spud must not be dropped! Points were accumulated and the winner was our very own Irish Charmer, Liz. Included was an Irish-themed pop quiz, to test the Gaelic intellect. It was great to be back together.

Dan C. Artfully
Gathers Potatoes

The Games Played On:

 Social Group

Social Group Tour — the DC Irish

On the March
in October
Nuns of the Battlefield

Maribeth Oakes, an official DC tour guide, led a group of 15 RKIDs on an interesting and fun exploration of the Irish who inhabited, visited, or are honored in the area around Dupont Circle. On a cloudy day in October, we walked from the Nuns of the Battlefield Memorial and St. Matthew’s Cathedral at Connecticut and Rhode Island Avenues up to Dupont Circle. Maribeth told us about some of the (in)famous Irish residents who lived in the surrounding houses. She had various RKIDs read intriguing descriptions of some of them.

Massing on Mass. Ave.
Kathy Does a Reading

From the Circle we strolled up Massachusetts Ave passing the Anderson House, home of the Society of the Cincinnati, the Cosmos Club, former home of John Wesley Powell, the Irish Embassy, with its high-flying Irish flag, and Sheridan’s Circle, featuring a statue of the famous first-generation Irishman who served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Dan O'C Reads
Robert Emmet's Story

A highlight of the walk was a visit to the Robert Emmet statue, which honors a famous young Irish revolutionary. Before being hanged and beheaded, he proclaimed these words:
“I am here ready to die … let my character and my motives repose in obscurity and peace, till other times and other men can do them justice. Then shall my character be vindicated; then may my epitaph be written.”
Obie explained that his brother, Jack, was responsible for having this statue and the grounds around it declared part of the National Park system.

Lunch at Across the Pond

Leaving Mass. Ave., we huffed and puffed our way up S St. and were rewarded with our arrival at Across the Pond, an Irish pub. A hearty and delicious lunch topped off a great day!

Saving Civilization
The RKIDs Book Club, which began during the pandemic as a way to bring members together, continues to meet every month, now on the fourth Wednesday of the month. We read a variety of books, but all have some connection to Ireland or Irish Americans. In October of this year, we tackled a difficult book, How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill. We agreed that the Irish certainly saved a lot of books from Roman times, but questioned the thesis that they “saved civilization.” In September we read a delightful novel, Three Words For Goodbye by Hazel Gaynor, who lives in Ireland, and Heather Webb. Sonja continues to do a fine job of asking questions and leading the group. Many thanks go out to her.
Finally Brunching
Marie V. and Jean Wds.

After a year and a half of zoom brunches, the RKIDs finally began meeting in person in October for our First Saturday Brunch at the Woodside Deli in Germantown. Ten fully-vaccinated RKIDs showed up in November, leading us to believe that we are ready to be together again. Present were: Mary Ann, Marilyn O., Obie, Roger, Jean Wds., Marie V., Connie, Gina, Michelle, and Jack. The next time we meet is Saturday, December 4th at 10 am. See you there!

Belfast in Gaithersburg

Ticket sales for the newly-released movie, Belfast, soared on Friday, November 12th due to the RKIDs coming out en masse. Eighteen dancers/non-dancers spread throughout the Rio AMC Theatre and, afterward, gathered around a long table in the Silver Diner. This was all thanks to the quick, clever work of Roger. He put together this outing at lightning speed. All the attendees were rewarded with a production receiving the praise of movie critics everywhere. Here's what the RogerEbert.com website had to say:

"Belfast is unquestionable Kenneth Branagh's most personal film to date, but it's also sure to have universal resonance. It depicts a violent, tumultuous time in Northern Ireland, but it does so through the innocent, exuberant eyes of a nine-year-old boy. And it's shot in gentle black-and-white, with sporadic bursts of glorious color...."

Aftr the movie, at the Silver Diner, Kate took the opportunity to announce to everyone Jerry M's upcoming BIG ZERO birthday. Everyone agreed he looks terrific! Happy Birthday, Jerry! Joining together for this outing were: Roger, Kevin, Liz, Dan M., Nancy, Obie, Marilyn O., Evan, Christine, Emmett, Dan O'C., Kate, Jean Wds., Michelle, Marilyn M., Gina, Emma, and, as mentioned, Jerry.   Thanks to Roger for putting it together, and to Bill for showing up to take the group (most of it) photograph although he couldn't stay for the movie.

 Irish Activities
Fall Fling Ceili
Kudos go out to the GWCC for holding their annual Fall Fling despite all the problems associated with Covid 19. Several RKIDs found their way to the Atlantic Sands Hotel in Rehoboth Beach October 15 – 17 and danced several sets to the tunes presented by Tina Eck, Joe DeZarn, and Jesse Winch. Among those present were Emmett, Michelle, Maureen Kn., Chuck, Kate, Dan O’C., and Robin. During one of the sessions, Kate entertained the group with a song!
 About Town
Go Terps!!

The 2021-2022 Basketball Season began a week or so ago. Maryland Women Terrapin fans Michelle, Marie V., Obie, Marilyn O., and Mary cheered on their team to four victories so far. After most games they celebrate at a local eatery, such as Ledo's, the Greene Turtle or Hard Times Cafe.

To break up the monotony of the pandemic, Gerry rode over to Annapolis where she bought a pair of earrings at the Irish Traditions store. Because of her purchase, she received a free necklace! She topped off the day with lunch at O'Brien's Oyster Bar and Seafood Tavern, adding “The food is amazing! I highly recommend it".

At the Witchy Gardens

One of our newest members, Jim Ca., celebrated a BIG ZERO birthday in October. To mark this important event, Jim, Barb, Bill, Maddy, Obie, and Marilyn O. went to Bethany Beach and visited several sculptures in the area, ate celebratory Smith Island Cake, had breakfast in a railroad car, watched videos, cased out the new Delaware Botanical Gardens, climbed a fire tower, and drank some German beer, compliments of Bill and Maddy, fresh off their recent trip with Jim and Barb to Germany. Jim was quite pleased with the festivities.

After Brunching in
the Honey's Dining Car
It's a Milestone!
RKIDs at Bethany Beach

While Bill, Maddy, Jim Ca., Barb, Obie, and Marilyn O. were having fun at the beach celebrating Jim's birthday, they ran into RKIDs Bobbie, Diane and family at The Big Chill, a fun beachside restaurant.

 Other News

For Kevin and Liz, the pandemic meant time to sort through some old family papers. They found this treasure written by Kevin’s mother:

Memories of Ireland

I wonder shall I ever see
The land where once I used to be
A little girl with hopes and fears
And dreams about the future years
And shall I ever listen to the sounds I was accustomed to
The country cart that jogged along
The bird that waked each day with song
The smell of grass so richly green with dew like diamonds yet unseen
A field of daisies with nodding heads that caught the breeze ere it had fled
A little pond that glistened when the sun came out to play again
These are the things I long to see
So simple yet so dear to me

By Stella Eugenie Mulholland Wall


Principal Reporter: Marilyn O.

Editors: Bill and Madelyn A.

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