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February 10, 2020

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 RKIDs Events
Back on the Floor
We're back to dancing! Class resumed on January 7 and three sets were there. Larry Frank got everyone back in shape in no time, taking on the Sweets of May and the High Cauled Cap.
 Social Group
Tabled Discussions
The First Saturday of the Month Brunch drew several of us to the Woodside Deli in Germantown on a cool and windy February 1st. Lisa, Maddy, Michelle, Tom, Sonja, Jack and Bill discussed a number of topics, from skiing (led by slopemeister Jack) to the book Say Nothing (more on that, below). Join the next brunch on Saturday, March 7 at 10 am for friendship and chat.

Something to Say
Say Nothing

Say Nothing Group
Maddy & Kathryn
and the Book

Fifteen RKIDs are reading Patrick Radden Keefe’s 2019 best seller, Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland. It is an excellent introduction to understanding The Troubles, which took place in Northern Ireland from 1969 to 1998.

So far, the group has completed the discussion of vocabulary words (such as Provos, RUC, dirty protests, Unknowns) which are vital to understanding what goes on in the book. At the second meeting, their discussion centered around Book One of the three-part book. Keefe, a great story teller, reveals the tragic tales of many members of the IRA and the extreme methods they used to reach their goal of a reunified Ireland. The discussion group has two more sessions to go.

In addition to reading the book, they highly recommend viewing a BBC video that's available on YouTube, entitled The Troubles: A Secret History. The group consists of Maddy, Christine, Mary Ann, Judy, Jack, Connie, Kathryn, Larisa, Nancy, Jim K, Obie, Marie V, Sonja, and Marilyn O. Bill also participated in the discussion.

 Irish Activities
Rock 'n Roll Tide

The committee organizing the Washington DC St. Patrick's Day Parade announced last year that the 2020 parade would be the last parade due to the high fees for additional security. They have been raising money for months in the hopes that the final parade could be the best. To help raise funds, a local band from the past, called Shannon Tide, volunteered to play at McGinty's in Silver Spring in January. Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley who used to been in the band had reunited with the group. The evening proved to be one for the Great Memories Book.

The band was started in 1980 by students and faculty at Gonzaga College High School. A key component was Danny Costello, who to this very day, works at Gonzaga and is seen at all the DC Irish fundraising events. Shannon Tide has gone through various transformations over the years, but they still maintain a zest for Irish music and causes that cannot be topped.

Shannon Tide at McGinty's
(Front, L to R) Paul Gannon, Danny Costello, Martin O'Malley
(photo courtesy of Jack O'Brien)

When they recently played at McGinty's, the air was charged with electricity. "While listening to Give Ireland Back to the Irish, it felt like the roof was going to burst," said Marilyn O. She was there with Obie and they ran into Chris J, a former RKID. All were bouncing off the walls as Shannon Tide played one great tune after another.

The following weekend Shannon Tide did the same for the Baltimore St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee. Colleen, Jim C, with his wife Kathy and daughter Bridget, saw them play at the James Joyce in Fells Point. "It was awesome," reported Colleen. If you see that Shannon Tide will be playing close by, it's a show not to be missed.

At the Moulin Rouge
Celebrating Sandy’s recent retirement from the University of Maryland, she and Evan flew off for a jolly time in old Paree. They took in the major sites, ate great meals, and watched the shows that make Paris famous, such as at the Moulin Rouge. Congratulations go out to Sandy on her retirement!
Home Sweet Home
A new home for Maura and Larry! The previous owners left Maura and Larry a kind note on a chalkboard, saying "Welcome Home." The new Virginians are happily settling into their new house in Herndon.
Liz (pink hat)
and Kevin (green shirt)
go a-cruisin'
They never sit still. Kevin and Liz are once again spending their winter in Florida enjoying the sunshine and participating in an Irish group. Recently, they went on a Western Caribbean cruise which included a stop in Cozumel, Mexico. They had a great time with their friends, shown here.
Scene of a Wedding
Dan and Kate drove south a couple weeks ago to visit family and friends from South Carolina to Florida. While in the St. Petersburg area, they returned to the famous century-old attraction, Sunken Gardens, where 11 years ago they said with gusto, "I do!"
 Spotlight On ...

Dogs Go To the RKIDs

We all know that a dog is a human's best friend. In the RKIDs family we have lots of these friends. Here is a sample. Good Woofs and Wags to all of them.

Belka and Larisa

Larisa had the good fortune of adopting a dog that had been found by a rescue group on a street in North Carolina. The terrified puppy was brought to Maryland for adoption and Larisa happened to be at the right place at the right time. Belka, named after a Russian dog who went into space, now lives the good life with Larisa. When she first arrived she was "extremely fearful," but with lots of work Larisa was able to turn her into a "happy and silly" pal. "I love her," beams Larisa.

Harley Rules
Meaghan and Kevin recently became parents to Harley, a young Australian Shepherd, who loves to play outside with a ball or crunchy leaves. Indoors she enjoys belly scratches, treats, and even getting into the dirty laundry basket. So far, whatever she does is "ok," said Meaghan. "Her cuteness makes up for it."
David and Pups
Ruby and Posie recently adopted David and Toni, much to the delight of all involved. Here, they walk David along the C&O Canal.

We want to hear about your dog, cat, fish, llama or other beloved pets. Send photo(s) and a description of their traits and why you love them to Marilyn O.