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May 1, 2019

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 RKIDs Events

Performance Group Lands on a Good Foot

Doing a Turn for
The Village
Glad to have Danced

Continuing its busy season, the Performance Group did a charitable show for The Village at Rockville, a senior living community, adding merriment to the residents in the audience. Giving their time that Saturday morning in March were Sonja, Tom, Russell, Marie V., Linda, Chuck, Maureen, Evan, Sandy, Kate, Maddy and Bill.


Back to the
Celtic Festival

Then on April 27, it was on to the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival. A gorgeous day greeted the group there. Again this year, they danced to the lively music provided by Danny Flynn and his Pond Scum band. Led by Maureen and Chuck, the troupe of Connie, Bobbie, Linda, Michelle, Tom, Sonja, Bill, Maddy, Maura, Sandy, Kate, and Emmett gave the audience a tour of Ireland with dances representing the four provinces. Along with some old favorites, they did some new dances, such as the Moycullen Fig. 4 and Armagh Fig. 2, plus fearlessly twisting and turning through the Clare Mazurka High Gates figure. When the audience joined in for dances like the Siege of Carrick, we easily filled the big wooden stage! It was a great way to cap off a record season of six performances.


Video — Parts of Three Dances Performed at the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival:

Wondering about our teaser photo for this edition? The group sometimes reviews dance videos on sites like YouTube. While rehearsing the Armagh, they came across a version where the men literally fling their partners to the next gent (if that's the right word) to pass them off. Not what they had in mind for when the group does it!

 Social Group

Taking the place of class on April 30, there was an impromptu gathering at the Dogfish Head Alehouse. Kate, Maura, Gina, Jack, Robin, Emmett, Chuck, Maureen, Jean, Joe, Kathryn, Michelle, Obie, and Marilyn O filled up the table in the outdoor seating area. Luckily, when a storm blew through, their waiter, Lu, rushed to close the glass window and roof and only a few sprinkles landed on the RKIDs. The libations were spared! A fun evening!

 Irish Activities
No Question about
What's Inside
Maddy and Bill represented the RKIDs at the April EIC ceili in Towson, MD. Megan Downes traveled all the way from New York City to call the dances. Maddy's brother Jonathan and his wife Monica, two newcomers to Irish dance, were there. Later they said they had such a good time they would come again to a ceili.

Off to Florida

Florida continues to be a big draw for the RKIDs again this year. In addition to the basketball crowd mentioned below, Mary Ann was in Jacksonville visiting her son and his family. Liz and Kevin stayed for the winter months in southern Florida.  Emma and Jerry took a cruise out of Miami. Colleen spent her short Easter break at Delray Beach, photo shown above. Going in a different direction were Evan and his daughter, Hilary, who traveled north to show her new baby to family in the Boston area.

Snead Island Visitors

“There is no such thing as too much basketball,” Marilyn O announced as plans were being made to spend a week on Anna Maria Island, Florida, before attending the Women’s NCAA Final Four basketball tournament. “We will be watching lots of games on TV – both men and women - before we actually see the Final Four live.” All of this came true as Bob H, Christine M, Mary B, Obie, Marilyn O plus friends Ron D, Jackie, Harriet, Ann Marie, and Ron Mc gathered in a la-de-dah resort on the Tampa Bay.

In addition to watching games on TV, the group visited the eye-popping, extensive Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Emerson Point Park (Indian burial mounds covered with seashells, visited by Marilyn O’s relatives in 1914) on Snead Island, and took in a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. The best part was sharing time in the party room as they watched game after game. "There is no such thing as too much ..."

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
Nature Boy
Tiptoeing through
the Tulips
Christine and
the Windmill

“It was the perfect time of year to be in the Netherlands and Belgium,” exclaimed Christine as she told the tales of her recent river cruise through the lowlands. There were many highlights, but the tulips at the Keukenhof Gardens topped her list. She also enjoyed seeing the canals in Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House, the town of Delft, and the windmills at Kinderdijk.

The Two Marys

Mary B. popped over to London for the Easter holidays with her daughter, her daughter–in-law, and two grandchildren. In just a few days they saw all the major sights. Near St. Paul’s, they met up with Mary Poppins who, after measuring Mary B, announced she is a very good person. We all agree!

Chef Nancy

Dan and Nancy recently had a unique opportunity to travel to Spain and Italy with their daughter-in-law, Rachel, who teaches at Whitman High School and organizes student tours. They were somewhat concerned about “keeping up with teenagers,” but they survived! Highlights included a cooking class in Madrid and a visit to Parc Guell, designed by Gaudi, in Barcelona. “The park was filled with unusual sculptures, fountains, and irrigation tunnels made of mosaics,” reported the travelers.

Cuban Sunset at
Castillo de San Pedro
de la Roca

Kathy O joined her son, Ryan, and his fiancé, Sidney, for a cultural exchange with a professional dance troupe, the All Stars, who were traveling to Havana, Santiago, Guantanamo, and Gibara in Cuba. She remarked  “… there were 15 hours of dance instruction each week. In addition to learning various Latin/African dance moves, we learned choreography to be performed at the end of each week."

Because this was a people-to-people experience, we stayed in people's homes. Each day had a least one cultural event, for example, a dance presentation by students as young as 6 from a poor neighborhood school, a senior citizen-son dance club meeting where we danced with many of the members, and a backyard party given by the woman holding the world's record for the longest time of continuous changui dancing - 32 hours.” Kathy enjoyed having this opportunity to spend time with Sidney and Ryan who are “well regarded and appreciated by many people, have a remarkable ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, and provide a unique experience of what Cuba is like today.” Sounds like quite a memorable experience! Maybe Kathy can show the Irish dance class some of her new moves.