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preserving the cultural tradition of Irish ceili and set dancing since 1991

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February 3, 2019

Where's Christine?

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 RKIDs Events
Baggin' and Jiggin'
New Jacket
The new RKIDs logo jackets and polo shirts have arrived! They are are ready for you to wear, thanks to Maddy, Bill, Kathy O, David M and Maura, who sorted and bagged them for distribution. For a limited time, they'll be available shortly before each Tuesday class at Ridgeview Middle School and between the breaks, after the announcements. Come on in and pick up your order. You'll look fine and feel great. If you can't make it to Ridgeview, or have questions about the clothing, contact Bill, Maddy or Maura.
 Member Activities

Michelle, Gina, Maura, Bobbie, Sonja, Tom, Marilyn O, and Maddy gathered around a table at the Woodside Deli for the First Saturday Brunch on February 2. Conversation flowed and world problems were solved; new ones may have been created to give us something to talk about next month. Details about the March and following brunches will be on the RKIDs calendar, as always.

Celebrating Sandy
Listening to Brendan
Bob, Marie, Michelle, Obie, Obie’s friend Ron, Sandy, Marilyn O, Maddy, and Bill braved the first major snow storm of winter to enjoy the cameraderie at the Limerick Pub and listen to Brendan Pelan play our favorite tunes. As the snowflakes accumulated outside, these nine adventurous souls ate, drank, sang along, clapped, and celebrated Sandy’s birthday. And the best news? All made it home safely.
Glenveagh Castle
At a meeting on Ground Hog’s Day, the group that had signed up for the Ireland trip decided to take a look at some different dates. So – stay tuned for more details. It is quite likely the journey will be moved to the fall of 2019. The travelers so far are Bill, Maddy, Jack, Maura, Marilyn O, John D, Kathleen D, Kathy O, David M, Mary Ann, Sonja, and Tom. Details will be published as soon as possible. For more information contact Marilyn or visit this page.
Sex-Basis Watchers
Kate, Kathryn, Dan O’C, Maura, and Marilyn O ventured out in the freezing temperatures of recent days to the AMC Loews at the Rio to see On the Basis of Sex starring Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The consensus was that the movie was inspiring and interesting. Afterwards, a lively discussion ensued at Guapo’s where Larry and Obie joined them.
Why is this Man Smiling?
Joining his wife Kathy in retirement, we congratulate David M, our resident economist-pianist-clarinetist, on his achievement! Now he'll have more time to help her remodel the house and can get rid of those pesky neckties.
Sisters Liz and Mary
Once again avoiding the recent deep freeze, Kevin and Liz have made their way to the east coast of Florida for a warm winter's stay with Liz’s sister, Mary.
New Friends
A Quaint Pub in Istanbul
Marilyn O often says, “I want to go everywhere!” so she didn’t hesitate when Obie suggested going to Istanbul, Turkey with Gate 1 Tours for a three day adventure. They saw the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophie, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Market and touched their toes on the Asian side of the huge city. At the Irish Corner Pub they met some charming Turks and at The Irish Pub James Joyce they were awarded a CD and two tourist pins by their waitress. Their lovely accommodations were next to the famous hotel where Agatha Christie stayed as she wrote Murder on the Orient Express. A grand adventure indeed!
Christine Hits the Slopes
Après Ski:
Christine Hits the Hot Tub
“Nothing beats Grindenwald, Switzerland,” declared Christine from the ski slope at Snowbird, Utah, “But it is beautiful here and one of the prettiest mountain resorts I have been to.” Once or twice every year, Christine ventures to a different ski haven where she revels in the slopes, the restaurants, the tourist spots, and the hot tubs.