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April 23, 2018

 Social Group

Brendan Pelan and Chick Hall, Jr.

at the Limerick Pub

Evan gets Into
the Tunes
Brendan and Obie
An absolute blast … a grand night … a very special night … a lively and lovely evening … a great time. These are just a few of the accolades heard after an evening at the Limerick Pub in Wheaton with outstanding entertainment from Brendan Pelan and Chick Hall, Jr. on Saturday, April 21. The musicians provided a wide range of tunes from Wild Mountain Thyme to Sweet Caroline.
Linda, Maddy and Marilyn
Share a Hug
Maura, Larry,
Dan and Kate

Linda, Bill, Maddy, Obie, Marilyn O, Roger, Christine, Mary B, Robin, Emmett, Kate, Dan O’C, Maura, Larry, Evan, Michelle, Chuck, and Maureen clapped and swayed and danced and laughed all evening and somehow had time to enjoy their hardy meals and frothy libations. Here's a sample of the time they had:


Thanks to the owners of the Limerick Pub, Tom and Monica, and our waitress, Kara, for making it all go so smoothly.

Christine and Evan
Make a Turn
In the Groove
What a great way to get the day going! Join the RKIDs for our First Saturday Brunch at the Woodside Deli in Germantown. In April the table was surrounded by Jean, Joe, Dan O’C, Kate, Bill, Maddy, Michelle, and Marilyn O. Next one is coming up soon---May 5 at 10am. No reservation is necessary. Just show up and enjoy the conversation.
The Irish Identity course has had a few problems. Snow and illnesses caused class to be cancelled three months in a row, but now that a make-up session has been held, things are back on track. In March, Judy, Sonja, Tom, Jack, Evan, Sandy, and a guest brought by Jack gathered at the O’Brien’s to hear Dr. Connor’s two lectures about James Joyce and the Abbey Theater. Tom and Sonja facilitated the discussion. Then in April, Judy introduced the two DVDs about Lady Gregory and J. M. Synge. Jack, Evan, Sandy, Maura, Marilyn O, Maddy, Marie were eager participants. Thanks go out to our hosts, Sonja and Tom, and to our facilitator, Judy. The next session will be on May 16 with Maura facilitating the lectures about Synge and Ireland’s involvement in World War I. All members of the RKIDs are encouraged to participate. Email marilynsworld47@gmail.com if you want to be added to the notification list. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month.
Canal in Annecy
Christine and Evelyn
Christine has been on the go again. She recently returned from her yearly ski trip with the Goddard Ski Club. This year she found herself in the walled city of Annecy, France, a quaint village near Geneva. Christine notes that several beautiful canals run through it, and there are many cafes as can be seen in the photo. She spent the week admiring the lofty Alps, joining her friends for drinks and meals, and touring the area.
Emma and Jerry have been in Michigan visiting his family. This was after they had returned from a trip to Mexico a few weeks earlier. Let’s hope they can stick around here for a while.
 Other News
Other News

Many of our retired members are living lives full of dancing, socializing, reading, traveling, and volunteering. Here is what some of them to do to contribute to the community:


Kathryn has been an adult tutor for 4 ½ years with the Literacy Council of Montgomery County. After completing tutoring training, she was assigned a student with whom she meets approximately two hours a week. They work on English conversation, reading, and phonics using the organization’s materials. Kathryn, of course, went the extra mile and introduced her student to the Metro, monuments, and museums. She helped her plan trips to New York City and the Delaware beaches. And you may remember she brought her student to a ceili at McCathran Hall. Kathryn is making a difference!

For 26 years, Jerry has been volunteering in the Emergency Room on Monday nights at Montgomery General Hospital in Olney. He assists walk-in patients with registration and helps the loved ones deal with the trauma. A real service to the community!
Setting up at Holy Cross
Hospital in Germantown
Bill also volunteers at a local medical care system. He divides his time between the Holy Cross hospitals in Germantown and Silver Spring. He alternates as a patient registration helper and a video producer for a series that documents what medical professionals do in their specific fields of endeavour, and other advice they render to Montgomery County high school student interns who have an interest in those fields. The discussions include helpful summaries of educational requirements and salary expectations. Bill says it's quite interesting and he wishes the county had such a program when he was in high school, in one of the prehistoric eras.