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March 23, 2018

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St. Patrick's Day

Breakfast Bunch
Maureen Makes
a Point

Twenty-eight RKIDs began St. Patrick’s Day with a traditional Irish breakfast (eggs, rashers, bangers, tomatoes, beans, fruit, blood pudding, and scones) at Potomac’s Lahinch Tavern and Grill. Many years ago the RKIDs, led by Pat and Erin Lynch, started this tradition at the Woodside Deli in Rockville. It seemed quite natural to be doing it again. Chris Jeffrey, a former RKID and waitress extraordinaire, served our long table and scurried about bringing drinks and baskets of scones. At first the RKIDs were the  sole occupants of the pub, but by the time the delicious, hearty meal was over, other celebrants, including three step dancers from the Culkin School of Irish Dance, were filling the hall.

Mary Ann's Plate

As some RKIDs departed, the rest moved into the roomy tent set up adjacent to the bar. Here, they danced the Four-Hand Reel, the Haymakers’ Jig, the Walls of Limerick, and the North Kerry Set to the music provided by the 40 Thieves, a lively local band made up of vocalist Melanie Caudron, guitarist Dave Dresser, fiddler Randy Latimer, bassist Charlie McNamara, and drummer Scott Fitzpatrick. Here's a sample of them dancing the Four-Hand Reel on asphalt, ending with the Culkin School Dancers showing their steps:

By mid-afternoon, all the RKIDs (Michelle, Bill, Mary Ann, Evan and Sandy (with kids Jesse, Jenny, Juris, and Hilary), Kate and Dan O’C, Tom and Sonja, Connie, Chuck and Maureen, Bob and Marie, Dan M and Nancy, Pat G (and friend Phyllis), Jean and Joe, Emmett and Robin, and Obie and Marilyn O were gone from the scene, but they took with them fond feelings about fine food, fabulous friends, and frolicking fun!

Dressed for the Occasion
Next first Saturday Brunch is on April 7 at 10am at the Germantown Woodside Deli. No reservation is necessary. Just show up and join in the conversation.
Dancers With the Star
Steve Swift, a friend of Obie and Marilyn’s, starred in the recent performance of Boston Blackie at the Arts Barn. The main character, “Blackie,” an extremely insightful detective, was based on a reformed jewel thief in books by Jack Boyle. These successful books later became the basis for a radio show which debuted in 1944 on NBC. Originally, the series was a summer replacement for The Amos and Andy Show, but its popularity caused NBC to give the show its own time slot. The performance, which included two murder mysteries, was staged with live sound effects and scripts in hand in the style of an old radio program. Jean, Joe, Kate, Dan O’C, Sonja, and Marilyn O thoroughly enjoyed the show and afterwards had a chance to meet Steve. As a special treat, Monica who works at the Arts Barn greeted them in the lobby!! Following the program, the afternoon outing was discussed at length at Not Your Average Joe’s.
 About Town
Susan, David, and
Marilyn M On Stage
The Washington area is fortunate to have some of the best Irish entertainment on the east coast. Take for instance, Craggy Island,  a band out of the Frederick area. Susan Withers (a former RKID) and Patrick Fenning form the basis of the group, but on St. Patrick’s Day our very own David D with his accordion joined them on stage at Beans in the Belfry in Brunswick, Maryland. AND then Marilyn Moore appeared with her whistle. Another whistler, Greg Mahan, joined the group as they played Out on the Ocean/Kesh and Flatwater Fran. Rumor is Toni and Michelle were in the audience and maybe some other RKIDs. Susan described the evening as a “great time” and she especially enjoyed the last set. It “was the grand finale, where everyone played, more or less session-style. In addition to the above mentioned musicians, we were joined by Ceol Anam Cara (who opened the show), Gail Lees on bouzouki, an original member of Craggy Island, and Paul Busman, who plays and makes whistles.” Craggy Island appears at Magoo’s Pub and Eatery in Frederick and David occasionally joins in. They will be at Beans in the Belfry on Saturday, May 26th at 7pm. Will David and Marilyn Moore be making an encore performance?
Roger Rides the Rails
While many RKIDs were enjoying the somewhat frosty Irish holiday close to home, Roger traveled south to Naples, Florida to participate in the sights and sounds of a warm St. Patrick’s Day. During his visit with friends, he caught a ride on a rather small train at the celebration of National Railroad Day and watched the local St. Patrick’s Day parade. Roger explained, “The parade is impressive here, mainly due to the huge crowd of observers … there was only one Irish dance school.
St. Patrick's Day
Parade in Naples, FL
Many of the marching units were the Retired Association of Such and Such. I have seen our future as, “The Retired Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers” — maybe not dancing — but riding Segways in the parade. We would still be the most Irish unit in the parade.”
Kathy at Blue Spring Park
A Monster Truck
Kathy followed Roger’s lead and went to Florida for St. Patrick’s Day. She visited a friend, Mary, at her home in Belle Isle on Lake Conway near Orlando. They did not have time to celebrate the “holidays” because they were too busy kayaking on Lake Conway and the Banana River, looking for manatees, examining the extensive Tiffany glass collection at the Morse Museum of Art, touring the lakes surrounding Winter Park, watching Black Panther in reclining seats, day tripping to Cocoa Beach, basking in the warm weather (30° warmer than here), and enjoying many delicious meals prepared by Mary.  A neighbor of Mary's bought two very large — well, monster — trucks, which may one day be listed in the Guiness Book of World Records. The tires are four feet in diameter.
 Other News
Other News
Evelyn reported that her house sold thanks to the fine efforts of realtor Linda P. The settlement is this week. What a relief! Now Tim and Evelyn can begin the search for a cabin in the woods. Best wishes!
Kevin and his Big Catch
Kevin is known far and wide as a great bass fisherman. Recently he caught a 3 - 4 pound peacock bass, which is rather rare in Florida waters. Kevin was quite proud of his catch and asked us to “take note of the stripes and reddish fins.”
Cozy Quarters
The fisherman and his bride, Liz, will be heading back to DC in a few days on their new yacht. “It’s a cozy little boat,” said Liz. (Just kidding. They are driving home.)
Gabriel and Raphael
Ann Marie is happy and excited to report that two baby kids, Gabriel and Raphael, were born on Sunday, March 11th about 6pm on the family farm on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border. Mother and babies — and Ann Marie — are doing fine. The RKIDs’ Social Group is planning a return trip to the farm this summer so you will have a chance to see the little goats.