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25th Anniversary Bash of May 22 - 24, 2016


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2017 St. Pats Day Parade Benefit at Quincys


The RKIDs performance group did a show at the annual St. Patrick's Day parade benefit at Quincy's Bar and Grill in Gaithersburg, MD. They were led by Maureen and Chuck, ably assisted by Kate and Sonja. We crammed in six dances into our half-hour time slot. Two of them included audience participate (Everyman's Chance and the Siege of Ennis). The benefit was held on February 26, 2017 with a share of the proceeds going to the Harp and Shamrock Society of Gaithersburg.

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ReeLaxing at the Beach Sept 2016


Capping off our 25th year celebration and welcoming our next years, we spent three glorious days at Bethany Beach DE enjoying great company, food, drink and dance.

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Frederick Keys Game July 2016


Talkin' and Balkin'! Some of the group went to a Frederick Keys Class A minor league baseball game. The game was on a very hot - over 99 degrees F - July 23rd 2016. Included in the game were fireworks at the end and a Cowboy Monkey Rodeo show, where Capuchin monkeys ride Border Collies and try to corral sheep. The whole event was a hoot.

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Blackthorn Ceili Halloween 2016


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Holiday Party December 2016


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Love Fest Dinner February 2017


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March 2017 Festivities


The month of St. Patrick's Day of course is particularly meaningful for the RKIDs. We participated in two parades. The first was in Alexandria VA (organized by the Ballyshaners) and the other in Gaithersburg, MD at the Washingtonian Center (organized by the city of Gaithersburg and the Gaithersburg Harp and Shamrock Society). Both events were held in 20 deg. F weather with stiff winds, but we soldiered through. We were a major force at the Blackthorn Ceili. Capping it off we had a rousing party.

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Alexandria Ballyshaners Parade: lunch and drinks at the Fish Market restaurant50 viewsafter the parade, nineteen of the gang retired to the Fish Market to relax and enjoy the dayMar 13, 2017
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Park police horses and their riders are in the St. Patrick's Day spirit53 viewsat the Gaithersburg paradeMar 13, 2017
Post-Parade warmup and conversation at the O'Briens' house45 viewsMar 13, 2017
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