Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers

preserving the cultural tradition of Irish ceili and set dancing since 1991

News about the RKIDs

January 12, 2018

 RKIDs Events
Our governing Board, made up of Sonja, Maura, Bill, Diane, Roger, Maureen, Jerry, Kate, and Jean Wds. will be making decisions and plans at the Board meeting on Wednesday, January 24th at Sonja and Tom’s home. Although other members of the RKIDs cannot vote, your input is encouraged and welcomed.
Real Gates of Derry
Our first class for the Winter/Spring Semester brought out a large crowd of eager Irish dancers. Almost 40 members were seen at the lively class taught by Larry Frank. It was nice to see Toni, Kathy O, David M, and Sharon P again. Three new people arrived and seemed to fit right in. In the first class we learned the Bonfire Dance and in the second class we tackled the Gates of Derry. Many of us know “the Gates,” but Larry taught a different version of it so we were all put to the test. By the end, we had it mastered (more or less). Bill reported that most people paid their fees, but if you were not there, or forgot your checkbook, please remember at the next class; see either Maura, Diane or Bill.
 Social Group

The Irish Identity class will meet again on the third Wednesday in January, the 17th at 7:15 at the O’Brien’s. The lectures this month will explore some of James Joyce’s works and the beginnings of the Abbey Theater. It’s not too late to join. Contact Marilyn O for more information.

2014, County Sligo

It’s been three years since the Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers toured our beloved Emerald Isle. Another journey is in the works. A meeting to discuss when, where, and with whom will be held on Monday, Feb 5 at 7:30 at a place TBA. If interested in hosting, please email Marilyn O. If interested in going on the journey and/or attending the meeting to get the ball rolling, sign up at class or email Marilyn. Please come to the meeting with your calendar (2018 and 2019) and suggestions about where and when we might want to go and recommendations for a tour guide.

 Irish Activities
At the GWCC
New Year's Day Ceili

Despite bone-chilling temperatures, the GWCC reeled in the New Year at the Cherry Hill Ballroom with live music and as many as 8 sets of dancers on the excellent wooden floor. RKIDs there included Chuck and Maureen, Michelle, Jean Wds., Sonja and Tom, David M, Connie and for their first time, Maddy and Bill. Also seen reeling and jigging was our former instructor, Marilyn Moore.

 About Town
Revelers Reveling
at El Chalan
Kathryn cannot get enough of the Washington Revels so she went again with another group of friends on December 15th. This time she attended the rousing performance with RKID members Dan and Nancy and MaryAnn, and former members Cindy B (with her husband Jim) and Carolyn, Kathryn’s daughter. After, they dined at a Peruvian restaurant in DC. The photo also includes on the far right Kathryn’s literacy student Maryam and her husband Sean. You may have met them at the 2016 Halloween ceili in Washington Grove. According to Kathryn, “They were out on the floor for nearly every dance although Irish dancing was completely new to them.”
St. Augustine’s
Irish Immigrants

Hopes of sunny skies and warm weather beckoned Kate and Dan to South Carolina and Florida for the Christmas holidays. Things didn’t quite work out that way. A bitter cold snap hit the Sunshine State and found the two wearing hats, gloves, and scarves as they visited family and friends. It didn’t stop them, however, from having a nice visit and needed escape. They arrived home safe and sound just in time for a record-breaking nor’easter.

Thomas Jefferson
and Friends

Obie also headed south, but closer to home. He went to the Charlottesville, Virginia area to visit Montpelier, home of James Madison, and Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home. He was accompanied by two of his daughters and three grandchildren. They also stopped at the University of Virginia and the Lewis and Clark Monument. This great introduction to a couple of our presidents was later followed by a trip to Mt. Vernon. The boys, Declan (11) and Jack (10), now are ready for their US History class!

Mary with the Groom
(left) and his Uncle

Who was that cutting a rug on the dance floor in Pensacola, Florida? None other than Mary B who was attending a friend’s wedding.

In hopes of finding warmer weather, Tom and Sonja sailed away on a Holland America cruise to explore some Caribbean islands. IF they ever return, we will be eager to hear all about their travels.