Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers

preserving the cultural tradition of Irish ceili and set dancing since 1991

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October 13, 2018

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 RKIDs Events
This fall, the RKIDs will be holding some classes at Gaithersburg High School because of schedule conflicts at our normal Ridgeview location. Almost everyone found the new location and enjoyed the classes on Oct 2 and 9.  On Oct. 2, guest instructor Marilyn Moore guided us along. Maura was very pleased with the clean, airy, and bright facility.
 Social Group
The Irish Identity class continued in September with a session on James Joyce and another on W.B. Yeats. Judy expertly guided the discussion on topics, which were somewhat difficult. Dan M, Nancy, Kate, Dan O’C, Mary Ann, Sandy, and Marilyn O participated and are looking forward to next month when the topics will be Michael Collins, the War of Independence, and the Irish Civil War. Dan O’C will be the facilitator. the group will gather at 7:15 on October 17th at Sonja and Tom’s. Anyone can join the class. Please notify Marilyn O if interested.
Learning to Downsize
as they Eat
Roger, Christine, Sonja, Tom, Gina, Marilyn O, Maddy, and Bill gathered for the October First Saturday Brunch at the Woodside Deli. Maddy and Bill, still tired from their flight back from the Balkans, shared stories and photos from their tour of Croatia and Slovenia; more on that below. Conversation flowed and laughter ensued once the chatter got around to “downsizing,” which Bill clarified means reducing possessions, not bodies. Gina added some good ideas for where to donate your treasures. See her for details. Who knows what we will talk about next month! November 3 at 10:00. Join the fun.
 Irish Activities

Blackthorn Ceili

Tina, Joe, Billy and Matt
Warming Up with
the Bonfire Dance

Music by Joe DeZarn, Tina Eck, Matt Mulqueen, and Billy McComiskey. Calling by Larry Frank. Venue by McCathran Hall at Washington Grove. A tremendous combination that set off the delightful Autumn 2018 Blackthorn Ceili.

Christmas in October
Clare Lancer's - Fig. 3
Maura Works
the Ticket Table
Obie, the ceili organizer, is grateful to the many people who pitched  in to help set up and clean up afterward, ensuring the tradition will live on.
Band in High Gear
Siege of Ennis
Dinner Break

Here's a brief video of two of the dances.

See you at the March Blackthorn!

Robert Emmet with Obie
and brother Jack

Robert Emmet (1778-1803), an Irish Patriot and rebel leader who was executed for leading an aborted rebellion against British rule, was honored at a ceremony in Washington, DC, across from the Irish embassy. Obie’s brother, Jack O’Brien, has been instrumental in the restoration of the small park area and statue. Marilyn and Obie attended the event and continue to be amazed at the work Jack does for the Irish community.

 About Town
At the 4Ps
Gerry Timlin, a well-known Irish baritone and humorist, performs throughout the area and was recently at Ireland’s Four Provinces in Falls Church, Virginia. Bill, Maddy, Dan O’C, Kate, Obie, and Marilyn O crossed the river and met Liz and Kevin for a rousing evening of fun and laughter. It was especially nice because they had a chance to celebrate Liz and Kevin’s 52nd anniversary and Bill and Maddy’s 34th.
RKIDs 2014 Trip
Details about the RKIDs' 2019 Ireland trip will be revealed to members soon. We will be traveling from Dulles to Dublin and then on to Galway, Derry, and Belfast – with lots of stops in between. Be watching for the final itinerary and costs.
Larry, Maura, Jasmin
Maura and Larry spent the Columbus Day weekend with their daughter Jasmin for Parent's Weekend at the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island. They got to tailgate and celebrate Jasmin’s birthday. Happy smiles all around.
Lake Bled
in the Julian Alps
Walls of Dubrovnik

Maddy and Bill toured Croatia and Slovenia for two weeks, traveling from Zagreb to Ljubljana to Dubrovnik and several places in between. Beautiful as was the scenery and architecture, and friendly as were the people, they were most impressed by the stories told of life under Tito, the Italian fascists under Mussolini, and the 1990's war of independence there.


Plitvice Lakes
National Park
In Trogir