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August 23, 2018

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So when does the membership renewal cycle and Fall school semester start? Get your dancing shoes ready, for we begin anew at Ridgeview Middle School on Tuesday, September 11. The Syllabus Committee has a fine line up of dances planned, and the dues have not changed.
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A Day at the Farm

Goats On Guard
Ann Marie and Friend

Ann Marie’s busy summer days consist of milking the goats, harvesting the vegetables, feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs. She does it all with a smile on her face. The five acre Hollenbeck Homestead in Fairfield, Pennsylvania is a little bit of heaven, but it keeps Ann Marie and her sister, Kathleen, very busy throughout the hot days of June, July, and August. During it all, their 88-year old mother, Marie, watches over the proceedings and greets visitors to the farm.


Outside of the Milking Barn
In the Garden

Carl and Jean, Connie and friend Mike, Kathy O and David M, Bill and Maddy, Gerry and husband Bill, Kevin and Liz, MaryAnn, Marilyn and Obie with their granddaughter, Nuala, enjoyed a tour of the farm and a hearty potluck on Saturday, August 18th. Ann Marie gave a goat-milking demonstration, poured out samples of the 4% and 10% product, showed her flow-hive honey collection gadget, and answered our never-ending questions. Many thanks go out to the Hollenbeck family for welcoming us so warmly.


Now When's That Milking Chore Gonna End?
(photo courtesy of Bill M)

More Photos

The August First Saturday Brunch brought out Tom, Michelle, Connie, Dan M, Marilyn O, Maura, and Bobbie. Next up: September 1 at the Woodside Deli in Germantown, starting at 10am. No reservation is necessary.
The old saying goes, “No moss grows under Irish dancers’ feet.” Well, if it isn't a saying, it should be. That certainly seems to be the case for the Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers. Roger has taken off for the state of New York to places so remote, he claims he will have no cell phone connection for several days. Jack is spending a month in Colorado as he celebrates his daughter’s wedding. Jerry and Emma relaxed at their beach house near Bethany Beach. Marilyn W and new member Bob B visited friends there, as well. The four of them, plus Marilyn and Bob’s friends, enjoyed a meal together at the Cottage Café. The next night Jerry and Emma met up with Marilyn O and Obie for dinner at the Big Chill. Carl and Jean visited Hawaii (the Big Island and Maui) for the second time with other family members. Among them was their daughter Ginger, who formerly was an Irish dancer.  They saw erupting Kilauea from their plane as they flew in.
Going Wild In Costa Rica
David M and Kathy arrived home after an exhilarating tour of the wilds of Costa Rica where they toured from coast to coast, drove winding roads, saw abundant wildlife, tropical foliage and gorgeous landscapes.
Hands of Monica and Tom
She Said, Yes!

Monica’s wonderful report from her recent trip with friend (more on that below) Tom:

We escaped the humidity for a long weekend in San Francisco (Tom was attending a work event one night there, so I tagged along). Leading up to the trip, all we talked about was how excited we were to visit Alcatraz (we are both history & true crime nerds). When we got there, the ferry company laughed at us, saying it had been sold out for months! Regardless, we were determined to make the best of the weekend, so we found this swanky farmer’s market on Saturday morning, right on the bay. Hundreds of vendors, cool breeze, 75 degrees, a view of Alcatraz … I was in heaven.

Monica and Tom
at a Keys Game

And that’s when he popped the question! While he’d planned to propose in Al Capone’s jail cell (and even arranged it with the National Park Service), I think it ended up being an “imperfectly-perfect” engagement; and a pretty telling metaphor for our lives in general! Sorry, it’s kind of a long story, but after 10 years of dating, I just feel like telling the whole world!

And we are glad to hear it, Monica! Best wishes to both of you!

 About Town
Christine with Friends

We all want to do it. We would give anything to see it. We already can sing the songs. But Christine actually got to do it, see it, and sing along at “Hamilton” at the Kennedy Center recently. Of course, she loved it and “wants to see it again.”

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