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December 20, 2017

December Socials and Mini-Ceili Edition

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Our mini-ceili at the last class for the Fall semester brought out many fine dancers and lots of yummy treats. The evening began with the Merchant Set and continued on with sets like the Plain, Cashel, and North Kerry. Larry kindly reviewed the dances and called when necessary, but everyone showed lots of confidence with the dances we’ve been emphasizing this Fall. Dance classes begin again on January 9th.

Larry Directs the Dancing
and Kate Supervises
Mazurka Fig. #6

Christmas Party

The Choir
Willie Gets Ready

Every year surprises pop up at our annual holiday gathering. This year at the Christmas party, the highlight came during the singing of O Come All Ye Faithful, when Chuck and sidekicks, Roger and Jean Wds, broke out into Latin for the chorus, Venite adoremus, venite ... Dominum while the rest of us continued in English. View their rendition plus more musical samples in the video window, below. That was soon followed by a rousing Twelve Days of Christmas which featured a spectacular "five golden rings" crescendo sung by the 55+ people in attendance.

There were many other talents exhibited that night, like Willie and David M at the piano, and Kathy O’s outstanding voice (plus she also played piano). The reciting of The Night Before Christmas with the traditional passing of the presents went off without a hitch, with Marilyn O putting her heart and soul into the alternatively comedic and dramatic reading. New member Marilyn W and her guest, Bob, had a great time and got right into the singing and gift exchanging. It is always nice to see former members, and we were especially delighted to see Madeline S who came with her parents, Brian and Jean. Sonja reminded us to have a great holiday season and a happy new year.

Jim and Evan

Many chefs contributed to the festive buffet table, providing great salads, interesting side dishes, zesty lasagnas, Jim C's very tasty stew, pork tenderloins, Willie’s cupcakes, and so much more. Thanks to all who contributed to the great holiday feast.

Roger the RR Engineer
Maura and Marilyn W

Roger applied his railroading experience to righting Obie's derailed model train, while Maura and Marilyn W checked out the kitchen party.

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 About Town
The Troupe Poses
after the Revels Show
Dining at Quigley's

Annually, the Washington Revels group puts on a Winter Solstice/Christmas-themed musical. This year, with a cast of over a hundred, the theme centered about French Canadian traditions. The show was lively, with carols and a sing-along of Alouette among the 40 songs. The show depicted Voyageurs, fiddlers, an out-danced devil, werewolves, a flying canoe and many other things Quebecois. Highlights included an eye-popping flexible-sword play act, fine dancing and great musicianship. Afterward, our organizer Kathryn, Judy, Christine, Bill, Maddy, Larisa, Jean and Joe Wds. went to Quigleys for a small meal, with just enough time for Jean to dine before leaving for her Rockville Chorus performance later that day. Vive la compagnie!

The Devil and Some Demons
Terp Fans
Obie and Marie
We all love to dance, but some of us also love to go to basketball games. It’s a strange mix, but we have some avid sport fans in the RKIDs. Obie, Marilyn O, Michelle, Bob, and Mary B are season ticket holders and members of the booster club, Rebounders, for the Maryland Women’s Basketball team. And sometimes Judy, Christine, Chuck, Maureen, Sandy, Evan, Larisa, Kate, and Dan O’C join them to cheer on the Red, Black, White, and Gold. (The Terps are the only team in the NCAA to officially use 4 colors.) Just recently Marie V also joined in the cheering for the 15th ranked Maryland Terrapins. After each game, they usually go to Hard Times in College Park to review the game and settle world problems. Want to join the fun? Contact Marilyn O.
The Song of Granite:
a Must-See

Another don’t-miss Irish film is headed to the USA soon. According to imdb.com, “Acclaimed filmmaker Pat Collins brings the dramatic life story of legendary sean-nós singer Joe Heaney to the screen in The Song Of Granite, an audacious exploration of the man and his music. With an approach that marries traditional narrative episodes with documentary footage, the film will celebrate the music Joe Heaney created while painting an unflinching portrait of Heaney, the man.” As soon as dates are posted, the RKIDs will be going. Stay tuned.