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October 30, 2017

 RKIDs Events

At our recent mini-ceili, several dances were reviewed in preparation for the Blackthorn Ceili on October 27th. Larry was in fine spirits and quickly led us through the Walls of Limerick, the Antrim Square set, the Ballyvourney Jig Set, and the Lancers.

Story Time
Continuing the theme of fine spirits, It’s time to sign up for the annual RKIDs’ Christmas Party. This year it will be held on Friday, December 15 starting at 7:00. It’s a potluck so get out your RKID cookbook and rustle up something good! The sign-up sheet is at class or you can contact Marilyn. Remember to bring a wrapped $5 gift for the reading of The Night Before Christmas, and fine-tune your vocal chords for the singing of the carols. "Jingle Bells, Jingle ..." you know the rest!
Emma and Jerry hosted the October 28th Board meeting at their beautiful home in Montgomery Village. The Board members present were: Sonja, Maura, Bill, Kate, Roger, Jerry, and Jean. Regular members also chipped in: Maddy, Tom, Marilyn O, and Emma. There was not a lull in the discussion for 2½ hours. Those interested in seeing the minutes from the meeting should contact Bill.
 Social Group
Dogfish Head Alehouse was also the scene of the usual after-class round table on October 17. Dan O’C, Kate, Jack, Chuck, Maureen, Obie, Emmett, Roger, Marilyn O, Jean and Joe popped in for good talk and hearty libations.
Extending Best Wishes
At The Dogfish
Farewell to Our Evelyn
It’s hard to believe, but one of our most beloved members, Evelyn is leaving the area. On November 1, she and Tim will be heading out for Alabama and then on to Tennessee. To say our goodbyes, Jean, Joe, Bob, Marie, Linda, Kate, Dan O’C, Sonja, Tom, Judy, Connie, Sharon P, Dan M, Nancy, Maura, MaryAnn, Marilyn O, Roger, and, of course, Evelyn gathered for happy hour and dinner at the Dogfish Head Alehouse on Tuesday, October 24th. The party continued at class where Evelyn was given a farewell cake from Bob, a present from Sonja, and a tribute from Marilyn O who said, “Many people enter our lives for just a little while — others pause and plant flowers in our hearts that continue to bloom forever.” Thanks to Evelyn for giving us a garden.

Irish Identity

Lady Gregory
The Irish Identity class focused on W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory at our October class. Kathryn, Judy, MaryAnn, Dan O’C, Kate, Michelle, Joe, Jean, Maddy, Marilyn O, Nancy, and Jack were impressed by Lady Gregory, who was not only a great friend and mentor to several accomplished Irish authors, poets, and playwrights, but also an acclaimed writer herself. The next class will focus on J. M. Synge, the Aran Islands, and James Joyce. Contact Marilyn if you would like to join the class on Wednesday, November 15 at 7:15. Sonja will be the facilitator.
Next first Saturday Brunch is November 4 at 10am at the Germantown Woodside Deli. No reservation necessary. Just show up and join in the conversation.
 Irish Activities

Blackthorn Ceili

Big Steps
Musketeer Shows
Her Moves

McCathran Hall was rockin’ on Friday night, October 27, when the RKIDs and many friends from the Irish dance community joined together in the historic “Meeting House” in Washington Grove for the annual Blackthorn Halloween Ceili. A variety of dances filled the dance card: Walls of Limerick, Clare Lancers Set, the Merchant Set, the High Cauled Cap to name a few. Gina (the newest RKID) won the 50/50; Maddy’s number was pulled for the door prize; and Ann Marie’s baskets went to Dan C and Willie, Dan M, Colleen, and Marilyn O. Congratulations to all the winners!

Powerhouse Musicians
Tina, Phillipe and Marc
Kate pulled together a delicious potluck and Sonja handled the front table. Bob was responsible for the “raising of Little Obie” and, along with many others, arrived early to help with the set up. EVERYONE helped clean up. Obie, the organizer of the ceili, said, “It is amazing to see the way so many people contribute to the success of the ceili. Thank you so much to all the helpers.” We are all looking forward to the St. Patrick’s Day Ceili on March 9, 2018.

Hulk Can Dance?
Door Prize Winner
Swan Ballroom Sets
at the Cape May Dance
Fans of the Fins

Glowing reports came in about the GWCC Cape May in Rehoboth Beach Weekend Dance. The ceilis and workshops were well attended and lively. Several RKIDs were spotted on the dance floor: Emmett, Chuck, Maureen, Bill, Maddy, Michelle, Kathy, David M, and David D. The organizers also announced that they are looking for a new name for the event because of the Cape May location confusion. If you have a suggestion, contact Paul O’Donnell. A prize is being offered. Before the ceili on Saturday night, Bill, Maddy, Emmett, Marilyn O, Obie, Kathy, and David M had dinner at Fins Fish House and Raw Bar. Great food, great service, great friends.

Cherish the Ladies
Bill, Maddy, Christine, Tom, Sonja, Emmett, Kevin, Liz, Karen, Jack, Jean Wi, Carl, Marilyn O, Obie, Kate, Dan O’C, and Jean and Joe have tickets to Cherish the Ladies on Sunday, December 3 at 4pm. There are a few tickets left at the Blackrock Center for the Performing Arts. We will have dinner at the nearby Ruby Tuesday after the show. If you plan to join us, please let Marilyn know. Please contact Marilyn.
 About Town
Celtic Rose
For many visitors to Ireland, Co. Clare’s tiny seaside golf resort of Lahinch is barely noticed as they rush on to the Cliffs of Moher. But here in Montgomery County, people are taking notice of our eponymous Lahinch — a tavern and grill located in the Cabin John Shopping Center. They offer music several nights a week and encourage dancers to fill up the wooden floor. On Wednesday, October 26, some friends of Marilyn and Obie’s (Kim and Mike and two of their friends) performed as “Celtic Rose.” They played many old favorites, like “Galway Girl” and “Whiskey in the Jar.” Roger, Linda, Evan, Sandy, Obie, and Marilyn had a great time clapping along to the familiar tunes (even though it caused three, yes three, glasses to go crashing to the floor).  Celtic Rose will return to Lahinch on Saturday, November 25.